Reading… What you don’t know

There are many different genres of books out there from Romance to Dark Fantasy.  If you read this and ask yourself what is Dark Fantasy its associated with the horror genre.  Dark Fantasy is a subgenre of the fantasy genre.  Dark Fantasy is usually gloomy and sad.  I myself have never heard about the genre Dark Fantasy until today.  It is quite hard to differentiate between fantasy and fiction. It happens to be extremely hard to differentiate between fantasy and science fiction.  Science fiction deals with imaginary but plausible things and is set more with futuristic elements where Fantasy deals with magic and supernatural phenomena.  Harry Harrison is just one of the many Science Fiction writers.  He was born in 1925 and died in 2012 he was 87 years old. 

“Harrison was an extremely popular figure in the SF world, renowned for being amiable, outspoken and endlessly amusing. His quickfire, machine-gun delivery of words was a delight to hear, and a reward to unravel: he was funny and self-aware, he enjoyed reporting the follies of others, he distrusted generals, prime ministers and tax officials with sardonic and cruel wit, and above all he made plain his acute intelligence and astonishing range of moral, ethical and literary sensibilities.”   
This was written by fellow novelist Christopher Priest in Harrison’s obituary. 
Priest himself wrote at least 59 pieces of literature ranging from novels to short stories and others. 
H.G. Wells was a big inspiration for Priest.  His book The Outline of History was read by Jose Ferrer who took it to heart and permanently abolished the military of Costa Rica. 
Harry Harrison  That picture there is of Harry Harrison. 
H.G. Wells  That is H.G. Wells.  He is said to be the best and most influential Science Fiction writers. 
There are many great Fantasy writers as well. J.K. Rowling is just one of them.  You should know her as the famous author of the 7 book saga of Harry Potter.  These are the top 20 Fantasy writers of all time. 
With all the new book releases selling 15 copies a second you can imagine how many books are sold in a year. 

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