How To… How I would start writing a book

I would probably start out by picking out what kind of genre I would enjoy the most to write.  I would then proceed to pick out names for my characters.  They would be something interesting and like none other hopefully that people can relate to in some way.  I would try to come up with a scenario that would be interesting and new to the people reading.  If you have everything you need to start writing then I would start actually writing a rough draft on paper and let my ideas flow.  After a couple of times of writing I would then start typing up my story on the computer and then I would go back and write more on paper or if I don’t go back to the paper writing I’ll add more to the computer.  I would try to think of relevent events to take place in the story as I write.  Sometimes if I were to get writers block and stop writing for a while I would always go back and write more eventually. If you can’t think of anything to write about feel free to ask friends for ideas I’m sure they will be more than happy to give you something to go off of and if not feel free to look up certain ideas that might sound good to you.  You don’t have to start writing out of the blue you could have a dream or something like that that gives you an idea to write about.  Stephanie Meyer, the author of the Twilight Saga actually got her idea for Twilight from a dream she had.  You could also start out by writing short stories and then as you get the hang of writing you can expand on the short stories and make them longer and more detailed and then you can eventually start writing chapters for books.  The most important step to writing a book is to just sit down and write and ignore everything else.  To start writing a book you need to start writing period.  If you can’t just sit down and write I recommend finding a way to block out everything around you like listening to music.  It seems to help me when I do anything from reading to writing.  I find listening to music while reading and writing to help me focus better on what I’m doing instead of being in a quiet place.  The quietness of the room bothers me and distracts me more than having headphones in my ears listening to music while reading and writing.  The only thing I can say is if you want to start writing your own book get in the habit of just writing period.  Take pride in your work and don’t worry about who is going to be reading your work until after your done writing so you don’t discourage yourself out of writing what could possibly be the best thing ever.


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