Ever Wonder If A Book Is Good Or Not???

After buying and reading the book Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick I fell in love.  I ended up finishing it and reading the little sneak peek of the second one and thinking to myself that I must buy and read the next one.  I fell in love with the characters and getting upset when something happened to them that I didn’t approve of.  I even cried when certain parts happened.  http://thebooksmugglers.com/2009/10/book-review-hush-hush-by-becca-fitzpatrick.html Critics say that the book is quite good.  Even though the cover doesn’t give you much of what the book is about, but you can understand why the cover is the way it is when you start reading the book.   You will hopefully understand why the characters do what they do after a while of reading it and eventually you will fall in love with the characters as if you were there in the book with them.  Even though there are parts of the book that have words you may not know they give you a good description of the word so you can have a good idea as to what the word means.  Usually Becca will tell you what a certain word means if it’s not a word we usually hear like the word Naphilim.  At first I had no idea what it meant but after reading the book itself I now understand what it means and have encountered it in a different book by a different author all together.  I was surprised when I found that word in the book I’m reading now but I was happy to know what it meant even though it told me what the word meant.  If you’re wondering what the word means it describes a person that is part human and part angel.  As crazy as it sounds the word is really cool in my opinion.  I really like the book and I hope you check it out and like it too.


4 thoughts on “Ever Wonder If A Book Is Good Or Not???

  1. I agree with don’t judge a book by the cover, but sometimes I can tell I won’t like it by looking at the cover and title. I am very picky with what I read. I like when I hear the reviews of a book before I attempt to read them. I don’t like reading the back of the book before reading it but sometimes I do just to be sure I would like it. The book I just read did tell you the definition of a word if it seems likes no one would know it. Also after reading it you could tell why the title was what it was.

    • I’m really picky about my book choices too my friends or family will tell me to read something and i’ll be like i don’t know i’ll see and then i might read it and love it.

  2. I definatley know I don’t like what my friends and family read because I tried that before. Everytime someone tells me to read a book they loved it was horrible to me anyways.

    • I understand that. Most of the things my friends and family read are the total opposite of what i enjoy reading so I never do read what I’m suggested. I acctually bought my mom a book for christmas on the pretenses that I’ll be able to read it after she gets done with it and she picked up on that when she read the back cover and said it sounded good.

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