Do You Love To Read Or No?

There are many people who love to read just to read and there are those who don’t and that’s fine too. You don’t have to be a nerd to love to read, you can be a normal everyday person.  You have to find what you like to read before you can say that you love or hate reading.  You don’t have to read regular books you can read books on your nook or kindle too.  There are many reasons why people hate reading.  One reason is because they don’t hear that reading is fun so they don’t have the push to experience reading for themselves.  Another reason people hate reading is because they aren’t allowed to express their opinion about the books their reading.  Even if they like the book they aren’t given the time to express that to anyone so they just say they hate reading even if they don’t.  A big reason why people hate reading is because in school they had to read books that they absolutely didn’t like and they believe that every other book they read is going to be as bad as those books or worse.  Many people will give you excuses as to why they don’t like reading.  There are others that will go on and on about why they love to read.  I personally think reading is fun and I love to sit around and read and then there are my friends who hate even thinking about reading.  My friends tell me I’m a nerd when I tell them I love to read for fun even though they are all nerds in their own way.  Usually you start reading at a pretty young age and usually you like it until you start having to read bigger and more complex books.  I believe that’s why people start to hate reading as they get older.



2 thoughts on “Do You Love To Read Or No?

  1. I absolutely love your blog. I love reading so much. I find it interesting that you and I have basically the same interests when it comes to reading. I can’t wait see what you post next! (:

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