Interview with the author

This interview is of one of my favorite authors, Lauren Kate.  She has written Fallen, Torment and the other books of the Fallen series.  I had no idea where she got the idea for Fallen,but now that I’ve watched the interview with her I understand and was very surprised to where she came up with the idea for the setting and actual story of the book.  I was surprised to find out when she started writing and what she wrote.  This interview gives you a very good interpretation of the book and the author.  Listening to her say the names of the characters gave me an idea of how it’s supposed to be instead of how I read it myself.  I believe watching interviews with authors of certain books gives you a good idea of how they say the names and certain places in their books so you know what they’re supposed to be instead of trying to tell people about the book and saying the words wrong.  I’m really hoping they make this book series into movies.  I believe they will be very well made and give us all an idea of what the characters are supposed to look like and talk like.  If they ever make a movie of the books I will definitely go see them because I love the series and the way Lauren Kate writes.

I hope to be able to write as well as she does when I grow up and start my own writing career.  I really want to be an author but I don’t consider anything that I write any good.  After watching this interview I found myself relating a lot to Lauren Kate.  She gives me a lot of good advice that gives me inspiration to start writing again.


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