The Blogging Expierence

During this time I have learned a lot about the whole blogging process.  I have had many successes and many defeats during this time.  I had a very difficult time trying to keep everyone entertained and informed on the world of books.  I learned a lot about reading and writing books that I didn’t know already.  The post about the author I learned a lot from.  I had a difficult time trying to come up with different relevent to my topic posts to write about for everyone.  I tried to keep all my posts on time so everyone had something new to read when they visited the blog.  I learned that it isn’t all that easy to just start writing a book you have to start writing other things before you can start writing a novel about something.  You should probably be interested in reading before you start getting interested in writing.  If you get stuck and get a bad case of writers block just keep writing even if it sucks you can always junk it and write something better, but just keep writing or you will never finish what you started.  If you really want to know if what you’re writing is any good or not ask your friends and family.  They will be honest with you and tell you if you are any good, they won’t lie to you just to make you feel good about your work.  If you never ask anyone to read your work you will be more than likely crushed when the editor tells you that you are no good at writing and then you will go home and never write again.  Hopefully if you enjoy reading in school you will hopefully enjoy writing your own stories later on in life.  I also learned that if you don’t enjoy reading in school it’s because you don’t like the books picked for you in class or you were never told that reading can be fun so you always think that all books are horrible.  I had a very interesting time figuring out the books that were popular and not so popular this year.  That list gave me quite a laugh with the ridiculous titles of the least popular books.  I was also very interested in the list of most popular books and how many copies that they sold.  Some of the books on that list I have never heard of until I looked at that list.  I had an issue trying to say why I liked the books I did reviews for because it was pretty obvious why I liked them.  Before starting this project I had no idea how much work a blog would be and now that I’ve finished this project I understand exactly how much work and how much effort you have to put into a blog to keep people interested and don’t worry this will not be my last post as I plan on writing more for you.  It may not be every day but I will eventually write more for the people who read this and love what I write.,r:83,s:0,i:335

The pictures above are my inspirations for wanting to be an author and loving to write my own material.  I hope to get my English Literature degree after high school and become a full-time freelance author and write my own books that kids might read in school or on their free time for fun and enjoyment.  I hope that the people who don’t like to read can try to read one of these books and start enjoying the reading experience, but if they don’t at least they tried.


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