The Night Circus


I was given this book by my Creative Writing teacher Mrs. Surianno and I have fallen in love with it.  It’s about this very secretive circus that all of a sudden shows up in different places.  It only opens at night and if you are there during the day they consider it to be trespassing.  The main characters are Celia and Marco.  Celia is now working as an illusionist in the circus that is owned by Marco’s boss.  Marco is very attracted to Celia even though they are opponents in this game that they know nothing about except that the circus is the venue for the game.  Each chapter switches from Marco to Celia, sometimes they switch within the chapter as well.  Celia all though says she is an illusionist the magic she does is actually real.  Her father is the famous magician that used to work at the circus, but he recently “died” and he is now following Celia around the circus and tries to tell her what to do as far as working and he expresses to her how much he dislikes how she is spending her free time.  He thinks she should be working on her magic instead of reading or spending time with people.  As far as I have gotten in it I am really enjoying it so far.  I am on page 202 of 511.  I recommend you all read this book.


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